About Utopia

Utopia is one of the finest bands in the music industry today. Whether you need light instrumental music for dining or a drinks reception, or music for dancing or for an all out concert, Utopia is the perfect choice for you and will add style and sophistication to any event. Utopia has performed at many festivals including the Cape Town Festival. They also perform at various restaurants and jazz clubs such as Valeries, Downtown, Mia Casa, G-Spot and Westend. Because of our reputation in South Africa, we have also been invited to perform at the Out Of Africa Annual Festival in Melbourne, Australia, and look forward to performing at the Sydney Opera House during our stay.

Sebastian Petersen (leader and Guitarist) 

Utopia is lead by Sebastian Petersen, a professional musician and former student of the MAPP and UCT Academy of Music in Cape Town, South Africa. Sebastian enjoys vast success as a session musician working both at home and abroad on radio, (commercials), as well as in some of the country’s finest concert venues with some of the greats such as Robbie Jansen, Celeste Williams, Alistair Izobell and Jonathan Butler. Sebastian is currently recording his debut album with Producer, Sammy Webber. The album is due for release in October.

About the Players

Ryan Smith, piano

Ryan started playing piano at the age of 15. He has performed with various artists, including Robbie Jansen, Sammy Webber, Alou April and Jimmy Dludlu. Ryan also performed in various cities of China with 20 Something.

Arthur Gertse Drummer

Arthur Gertse has been performing over 20 years. Arthur has been performing with many artists in and around South Africa. He has also performed in the UK with man bands.

Nathan Mechant, bass

Nathan is a multi-talented musician, playing many instruments, including guitar, piano and bass. He is widely travelled, visiting countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai and the USA. He is currently the Music Director for Utopia and Sebastian Ensemble. His performance experience is vast, and he has played with many artists across the globe, most notably Melanie la Grande, Robbie Jansen and Alou April.

Sade van Schalkwyk, lead vocal

Sade has been performing from the age of 16. Her music has taken her to various countries, including Dubai. She has performed and recorded with artists such as Sammy Webber, N2, Just Us, Allou April and Uproots.


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